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folders coffee container up-cycling

November 25, 2011

In the picture is a folders plastic coffee container, it took me 3 days to paint over,oops the wrong kind of paint, I asked my daughter to help in a simple design she is really really good at. I plan too keep it as a prototype, due to wrong paints,I’m so limited in what I […]

painted ping pong balls

November 24, 2011

Decorating ping pong balls, first started out as a mini idea, the kitten to find the ping pong balls more appealing as a toy. In time I realized the kitten prefers the orange colored ping pong balls as a toy versus white. I discovered I like decorating the balls. Ideas come from everywhere including movies […]

old i phone box, up-cycle, I tried…

November 23, 2011

Im not exactly happy with the outcome of this up-cycle project I have done. I really hoped it would come out well better. Supplies include goo gone to remove all the labels. painters tape to have nice lines to paint the outside of box. I used three different colors of nail polish, poster paint pen, […]

re-purposed necklaces

November 18, 2011

This morning my daughter wanted something to do before she went to school. She chose too paint a necklace.The only paints I did have was nail polish. She was ok with it.I thought too myself, I don’t know where she gets it from. I found examples of re-purposing or up-cycling necklaces we have done in […]

pringles can up-cycling, kids can do it

November 18, 2011

How too keep kids busy during the summer. My daughter and friend decorating the outside of Pringles can. My daughter most proud of the one blue stripes, naval theme. Her friend wrapped yarn around the entire can, and took home

Folgers -upcycling

November 17, 2011

In this example Foldgers large plastic coffee container. unfortunately, no matter how I tried and inside or outside to show just how shiny and pretty the wrapping red paper is in life. ..added comments, I did use my fingers too rub out any glue markings from the paper, after everything dried. supplies used: Elmers glue-all, […]

Pringles container -upcycling

November 17, 2011

This picture, is my first prototype of decorating the outside of a Pringles can to be used as a container to hold dried spaghetti. It has been in our kitchen a few months or more, It has dropped off small ledge, to my wonderful surprise, no spillage and the spaghetti noodles inside did not break. […]