painted ping pong balls

Decorating ping pong balls, first started out as a mini idea, the kitten to find the ping pong balls more appealing as a toy. In time I realized the kitten prefers the orange colored ping pong balls as a toy versus white. I discovered I like decorating the balls. Ideas come from everywhere including movies and anything.In the very beginning out of curiosity, I did look up images on the net of decorative ping pong balls, what I saw was very basic designs, I just now checked again,same thing. A bit later I came up with the idea to hand design them and donate to the elementary school for sale to benefit the 6th grade science camp fund. My daughter who is 10, her friend wanted to give me 25-50 cents on the spot for a ball oh gosh a few weeks ago. I told the little girl I can’t take money from her but we could make one for her. Some might think its dumb,what is it good for? Kittens, kids, fundraising,a collectible item. All ping pong balls shown, I have paid for or found on the ground in my complex, the price per package has ranged from 1buck – 2dollars and change. Ive done most the work, my kids have helped seeing what I have done and want to do some themselves. The supplies we use are permanent markers and nail polish, its the only supplies I have, I have used masking tape to help in lines, and even q-tips to dip on nail polish brush.

Its all going for a charity, I can’t guarantee the life of the detail when in use! LET me say, this is a process that takes time and patience, have to let small sections of the ball to dry before moving on. I love the fact, I thought of using water bottle caps as a holder. At this point,its just about supporting the elementary school at a cheap cost to be appealing to kids & families. IM making nothing off of it..Yet going into the future Im going to have to charge 1buck per decorative ball. Doing the math, supplies, detail work, every way look at it cant break even. I have people to thank along the way for my um channeling my inner artist,my own teenager, husband and a local artist his flyer, I picked up a few months ago downtown Fullerton art walk..another story..


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