Pringles container -upcycling

This picture, is my first prototype of decorating the outside of a Pringles can to be used as a container to hold dried spaghetti. It has been in our kitchen a few months or more, It has dropped off small ledge, to my wonderful surprise, no spillage and the spaghetti noodles inside did not break. In this example it does hold up too 2lbs of dried spaghetti noodles.
supplies used beyond the can itself are as follows:
gold fabric paint,,if my memory was correct 3-4 applications
Elmers, Glue-All, Multi purpose glue (we learned through trial and error it works better than a hot glue gun)
the pattern,aspect a favorite t- of mine, got stained could no longer wear, cut around the designs and used the Elmers glue too affix.
The only other thing, I want to mention, dry time,given glue and paint aspect, anyone else wanting to duplicate, keep in mind it could take a day or two..I will post a picture of a similar one with the same cloth pattern but with extra detail ,Im still working on it.

I do want too add, I could have 100% covered up the name brand, I chose not too! From 10 feet away don’t see it but just the pretty effect. I do want to let people know, the company, and can “upcycle” In this example only. Ok, maybe some people will wait for the chips to be on sale, its all good.I chose not too fully cover up the name brand!


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