I have a cause ,dont know if the right wording..

Over the years, I have had different blogs, going back many years. I kept moving on, well life happened, other stuff. This one, I really will stick with! and keep updating on a more regular basis.
Quickly msbadegg, only because I live on eggs,and I can come off little bitchy at times, I do try not to insult anyone outright.

In the past, in my previous blogs, I did make essays, or comments to social issues, or thinking into the future, various topics.
I have thought about this over time, I really want my blog focused.

This is the first time in my life, I have a cause if it’s the right wording. Its my own thing, not participating with charities but truly something I believe in and want Corporations and people to think about. Sure, whatever I’ve volunteered in various ways for my kids Elementary school, no big deal..I’m not about any special acknowledgement that’s a just parent thing.

I WANT Corporations to know what, Im doing with their products,I want them to change their ad campaigns or post on their websites, our products can be “up-cycled” here are customers pics what they have done with our products, DO NOT throw away! You could donate to local school for fundraising projects anything–I do understand the part there has to be a disclaimer don’t put food items inside, beyond the original use part, I get it. I do.

I have given this much thought, I’ve been “up-cycling” for a few years now,turning a product into something more useful verses going into the trash. – I might volunteer, my experience or time,in different charities or school, it comes down too how can I make a bigger difference in this world! I do believe I can make a difference if only I try.

Right? There are PSA’s, targeted to the kids on the kids shows, how are you going to make a difference? This is my thing, what I have come up with.


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