Image In the picture is a folders plastic coffee container, it took me 3 days to paint over,oops the wrong kind of paint, I asked my daughter to help in a simple design she is really really good at. I plan too keep it as a prototype, due to wrong paints,I’m so limited in what I have. Its way prettier in person than I am a photographer. It will be used as some kind of storage keeping life too the container! Im not so good at taking pictures only 2 of 3 panels are shown in pic, it has depth to it and just cool!


Decorating ping pong balls, first started out as a mini idea, the kitten to find the ping pong balls more appealing as a toy. In time I realized the kitten prefers the orange colored ping pong balls as a toy versus white. I discovered I like decorating the balls. Ideas come from everywhere including movies and anything.In the very beginning out of curiosity, I did look up images on the net of decorative ping pong balls, what I saw was very basic designs, I just now checked again,same thing. A bit later I came up with the idea to hand design them and donate to the elementary school for sale to benefit the 6th grade science camp fund. My daughter who is 10, her friend wanted to give me 25-50 cents on the spot for a ball oh gosh a few weeks ago. I told the little girl I can’t take money from her but we could make one for her. Some might think its dumb,what is it good for? Kittens, kids, fundraising,a collectible item. All ping pong balls shown, I have paid for or found on the ground in my complex, the price per package has ranged from 1buck – 2dollars and change. Ive done most the work, my kids have helped seeing what I have done and want to do some themselves. The supplies we use are permanent markers and nail polish, its the only supplies I have, I have used masking tape to help in lines, and even q-tips to dip on nail polish brush.

Its all going for a charity, I can’t guarantee the life of the detail when in use! LET me say, this is a process that takes time and patience, have to let small sections of the ball to dry before moving on. I love the fact, I thought of using water bottle caps as a holder. At this point,its just about supporting the elementary school at a cheap cost to be appealing to kids & families. IM making nothing off of it..Yet going into the future Im going to have to charge 1buck per decorative ball. Doing the math, supplies, detail work, every way look at it cant break even. I have people to thank along the way for my um channeling my inner artist,my own teenager, husband and a local artist his flyer, I picked up a few months ago downtown Fullerton art walk..another story..


Im not exactly happy with the outcome of this up-cycle project I have done. I really hoped it would come out well better. Supplies include goo gone to remove all the labels. painters tape to have nice lines to paint the outside of box. I used three different colors of nail polish, poster paint pen, fabric paint, hot glue to affix the pendant. Im just not in love with it. HMM, next time I should go buy real paints,or something


This morning my daughter wanted something to do before she went to school. She chose too paint a necklace.The only paints I did have was nail polish. She was ok with it.I thought too myself, I don’t know where she gets it from. I found examples of re-purposing or up-cycling necklaces we have done in the past. One is clearly for a charity event myself and spouse attended one year. Underneath the paper is some beer company logo. The kids designed and used white glue. The other necklace, I just thought to give it more character adding red nail polish too


How too keep kids busy during the summer. My daughter and friend decorating the outside of Pringles can. My daughter most proud of the one blue stripes, naval theme. Her friend wrapped yarn around the entire can, and took home


In this example Foldgers large plastic coffee container. unfortunately, no matter how I tried and inside or outside to show just how shiny and pretty the wrapping red paper is in life. ..added comments, I did use my fingers too rub out any glue markings from the paper, after everything dried.
supplies used:
Elmers glue-all, multipurpose glue
Christmas paper
black markers, then on top black nail polish
gold fabric paints -3 applications
a water-resistance spray on top of it all – 3 applications


Awesome, I contacted the parent company of Pringles, I did get a response via email, my inquiring or statement was through text box form,Honestly can’t attach any pictures.
simple and too the point:
The person who did respond indicated they can’t open attachments but will forward the information to higher up’s, they are happy to know we are using their product in a very useful way! the end,, I will keep posting pics on here various decorations, including the kids have done themselves.


This picture, is my first prototype of decorating the outside of a Pringles can to be used as a container to hold dried spaghetti. It has been in our kitchen a few months or more, It has dropped off small ledge, to my wonderful surprise, no spillage and the spaghetti noodles inside did not break. In this example it does hold up too 2lbs of dried spaghetti noodles.
supplies used beyond the can itself are as follows:
gold fabric paint,,if my memory was correct 3-4 applications
Elmers, Glue-All, Multi purpose glue (we learned through trial and error it works better than a hot glue gun)
the pattern,aspect a favorite t- of mine, got stained could no longer wear, cut around the designs and used the Elmers glue too affix.
The only other thing, I want to mention, dry time,given glue and paint aspect, anyone else wanting to duplicate, keep in mind it could take a day or two..I will post a picture of a similar one with the same cloth pattern but with extra detail ,Im still working on it.

I do want too add, I could have 100% covered up the name brand, I chose not too! From 10 feet away don’t see it but just the pretty effect. I do want to let people know, the company, and can “upcycle” In this example only. Ok, maybe some people will wait for the chips to be on sale, its all good.I chose not too fully cover up the name brand!


Over the years, I have had different blogs, going back many years. I kept moving on, well life happened, other stuff. This one, I really will stick with! and keep updating on a more regular basis.
Quickly msbadegg, only because I live on eggs,and I can come off little bitchy at times, I do try not to insult anyone outright.

In the past, in my previous blogs, I did make essays, or comments to social issues, or thinking into the future, various topics.
I have thought about this over time, I really want my blog focused.

This is the first time in my life, I have a cause if it’s the right wording. Its my own thing, not participating with charities but truly something I believe in and want Corporations and people to think about. Sure, whatever I’ve volunteered in various ways for my kids Elementary school, no big deal..I’m not about any special acknowledgement that’s a just parent thing.

I WANT Corporations to know what, Im doing with their products,I want them to change their ad campaigns or post on their websites, our products can be “up-cycled” here are customers pics what they have done with our products, DO NOT throw away! You could donate to local school for fundraising projects anything–I do understand the part there has to be a disclaimer don’t put food items inside, beyond the original use part, I get it. I do.

I have given this much thought, I’ve been “up-cycling” for a few years now,turning a product into something more useful verses going into the trash. – I might volunteer, my experience or time,in different charities or school, it comes down too how can I make a bigger difference in this world! I do believe I can make a difference if only I try.

Right? There are PSA’s, targeted to the kids on the kids shows, how are you going to make a difference? This is my thing, what I have come up with.


Cell service shutdown San Fransisco Bay Area Rapid Transit, BART shut down cell services in some of its subways, their excuse was ..”it acted carefully, blocking phone calls in just a few subway stations for a few hours to protect public safety and prevent chaos on platforms” …

I don’t know if this is truly a 1st amendment issue or not, as the article does discuss. I do believe its all about controlling communication on a massive scale.

It’s rather ass backwards, the action can cause large protests from people.  oops too bad, there might be a true emergency there will be no way to contact Emergency personal for immediate assistance.